Fitness hotels and gyms in Haneda Airport

There is no fitness gym in the Haneda International airport buildings but there is one airport hotel which has a gym. Or you can go to the Tokyo city area with 20 min train ride and use the nearest local gym which sells a day pass to travelers. It is Gold’s Gym Hamamatsucho. If you have a half day before flying and want a full workout, you can go there and come back quick. Please note that you need your passport for ID check and it costs $30 per visit. Explanation of each icon of color on the map and my recommendations are as follows.

Please note that almost all fitness gyms in Japan do not like to see Tattoo. If you have one, please make sure to cover it during your workout.


Hotels with gym - Red icon on the map

Recommendation: Hotel MyStays Haneda is the only airport hotel which has a gym. It has a handful of cardio machines and some light weights up to 10kg. Hotel guests can use it for free.

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Local gyms with Day Pass - Black icon on the map

From Haneda Airport, there is a monorail (train) going to Hamamatsucho train station in Tokyo. It takes 20-30 minutes. From the Hamamatsucho station it takes 3 minutes walk to this gym; Gold Gym Hamamatsucho. If you time it well, you can enjoy a full workout before flying. You need to bring your passport for ID check and it costs $30 per visit. Open Mon-Fri 7.00-23.30, Sat-Sun 9.00-22.00.

<Tip> There are 2 more Gold Gyms close to Haneda airport; Gold Gym South Annex Tokyo and Gold Gym South Tokyo. However, you need to change the train to get there and it is a bit confusing and time consuming. In Japan, one day use at gym is called “Visitor”. They do not use the term “Day pass” or “Casual”. As most of gym staff do not speak English, the easiest way to explain at the gym is to say “Visitor” while showing your ID (=Passport).

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