Fitness hotels and gyms in Osaka

Osaka is the 3rd biggest city in Japan but there are not many local gyms compared with Tokyo. There are only 7 local gyms which sell a day pass to travelers and there are 16 hotels which have gym. In the north, there is a Shinkansen bullet train station; Shin-Osaka station which is connected to Tokyo/Kyoto etc. So if you are moving to Kyoto or Tokyo in a short space of time, staying on the north side might be easier though there are not many restaurants and shops in the north. In Osaka there are many reasonably priced hotels. So it might be better to choose a hotel near by a local gym which sell a day pass to travelers. Explanation of each color of icon on the map and my recommendations are as follows.

Please note that upmarket hotels (over $300 per night) are excluded in this map as they all have fitness gyms. This blog is for low-mid budget travelers only.


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Hotels with fitness gym - Red icon on the map

Recommendation: Courtyard by Marriot Shin-Osaka Station stands out in terms of quality of hotel gym. It has good machines and heavy weights (rare in Japan). However, there is not much around this hotel. There is only Shinkansen bullet train station building (there are lots of restaurants in this building though). So if you are moving to other cities such as Tokyo or Kyoto early in the morning, this hotel would be very convenient. If your main purpose is sightseeing, then it would be better to stay in the South side (Main Osaka area)

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If you are staying in the central Osaka area, ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka is a good option. Hotel guests can use the gym for free and also you can walk to a local gym; Gold's Gym Osaka Nakanoshima if you want a full on heavy weight training ($30 per visit, you have to bring your passport for ID check).

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Hotel Hankyu International sells a day pass of a local gym in the same building. It costs $30 per visit. You have to buy a ticket at hotel reception.

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If you want to stay near entertainment area; Namba, Shinsaibashi, Dotonbori, then Fraser Residence Nankai Osaka is a good option. It is more like a service apartment and has a gym. No heavy weights but it is relatively big space as a hotel gym. Hotel guests can use it for free. You can also walk to a public gym; Naniwa Sports Center.

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Spa World is an unique hotel & Spa complex where hotel guests can use the gym and a variety of Spa, jacuzzi, and sauna in the same building for free during your stay. It is next to the popular tourist spot; Tsutenkaku. It would be an interesting experience.

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If you are looking for a fitness hotel nearby the Kansai international airport, Star Gate Hotel Kansai Airport is good. They do not have a gym but hotel guests can use the local gym in the same building at approx. $20 per visit. You need to buy a coupon at the hotel reception.

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Fitness Gyms which sell Day Pass - Black icon on the map

All Gold’s Gyms sell a day pass to travelers. You need to bring your passport for ID check and it costs approx $30 per visit. King Gym is for hard core body builders and it costs $20 per visit. Naniwa Sports Center is a public gym. Facilities are not so great but it is cheap at $6 per visit.

<TIP> Each gym has a different opening days/hours and it changes every now and then. So please check their websites before you go.

<TIP> In Japan, one day use at gym is called “Visitor”. They do not use the term “Day pass” or “Casual”. As most of gym staff do not speak English, the easiest way to explain at the gym is to say “Visitor” while showing your ID (=Passport).

Hotels close to local gym which sell Day Pass - Purple icon on the map

Purple icon hotels on the map do not have fitness gym but they are within 10 minutes walk from one of the local gyms above. You can choose it depending on your budget. If you move around a lot for business or sightseeing, Hotel Granvia Osaka, Hotel New Hankyu Osaka and Hotel New Hankyu Osaka Annex would be good idea as they are within the Osaka station complex and close to a local gym; Gold’s Gym Umdea Osaka. Also Hotel Vischio Osaka by Granvia is a new good business hotel in convenient location.

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<TIP> Please note that almost all fitness gyms in Japan do not like to see Tattoos. If you have one, please make sure to cover it during your workout.

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