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Tokyo is a very large city and each area has different character. In total there are 35 gyms which sell a day pass to travelers and 100+ hotels which have a gym room in the hotel or are located within 10 minutes walk to local gyms that sell a day pass. It might sound many but most of hotel gyms have cardio machines in a small space without free weights in Tokyo. So if you are a fitness traveler in the low-mid budget category, it would be wise to choose the hotel close to a local gym which sells a day pass because you can have more flexibility in selection of hotel depending on the location and your budget, and you can expect a full workout equipment at local gym. Firstly you can choose the area you are going for your main purpose; sightseeing or business, and find a local gym nearby on the map below. Explanation of each color of icon on the map and my recommendations are as follows.

Please note that upmarket hotels (over $300 per night) are excluded in this map as they all have fitness gyms. This blog is for low-mid budget travelers only. Almost all fitness gyms in Japan do not like to see Tattoo. If you have one, please make sure to cover it during your workout.


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Hotels with gym - Red icon on the map

Recommendation: Most of hotels in the low-mid budget in Tokyo have only cardio machines in small space. Among those, my number one pick is THE GATE HOTEL Tokyo by HULIC because of its convenience with 3 fitness accesses. Firstly this hotel has a gym with 5 cardio machines, 1 muscle machine (chest & shoulder press) and some stretch area. Hotel guests can use it for free. Secondly it is 5 minutes walk to both Hibiya park which is good for jogging and a local gym; Gold’s Gym Ginza Center where you can buy a day pass at $30 per visit. This hotel is also right next to 5 train lines which cover many parts of Tokyo. It has also a very nice balcony to look over busy Ginza area.

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The Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Shiodome has relatively spacious gym area with some light weights (up to 10kg) and hotel guests can use it for free. If you want a full workout with heavy weights then you can walk to a local gym within 10 min. It is Gold Gym Hamamatsucho. They sell a day pass to travelers at $30 per visit. You need your passport for ID check. This hotel is convenient in moving around in Tokyo with access to a handful of train lines which are going to all directions of Tokyo. Also you can walk to Ginza shopping area in 10 minutes.

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If you want to stay nearby the Imperial Palace for sightseeing, Hotel Grand Palace is a good option. In 2019 they opened a fitness room with 4 cardio machines and some muscle machines (no have heavy weights). Hotel guests can use it for free. Also you can jog around the Imperial Palace (popular thing to do locally). This old school hotel has access to several train lines within walking distance which is convenient for moving around in Tokyo.

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Shinjyuku area is a huge shopping / entertainment area. However there are not many hotels with gym in the low-mid range budget category. Among those, Keio Plaza Hotel is a good option. They renovated their gym in 2019 and hotel guests can use it for free. Also if you want a full workout with heavy weights, you can walk to a local gym; Anytime Fitness Nishi-Shinjyuku. It takes 10-15 minutes from this hotel. They sell a day pass to travelers at $10 per visit. You need to bring your passport for ID check.

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Ueno area is interesting with a mixture of big Ueno park, some good museums, old style shops and many restaurants. Also Narita Sky Liner express train takes you to the Narita Airport straight in 50min. This old area does not have luxury hotels. Instead there are many small business hotels. Among those, Nohga Hotel Ueno is a good option for fitness travelers. This new and stylish hotel has a gym with good machines (2 cardio, 2 muscle machine and 1-10kg free weights) and hotel guests can use it for free. If you want a full workout, Infinity 24H Fitness Gym is 5 minutes walk from the hotel. They sells a day pass to travelers at $20. This hotel is also close to the Ueno train station which has multiple lines going all directions in Tokyo. Breakfast is also very good quality.

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If you just want to enjoy training and take it easy for the rest of the day in the hotel, Hilton Tokyo Odaiba is a good choice. This hotel is on the high side of mid range budget and it is a bit far from the Tokyo city area (30 min train or taxi ride) but it is on the sea side and its view is great. Hotel guests can use the gym for free. You can enjoy a good training and relaxing day here. There is a big shopping mall nearby as well.

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Hotels with discount ticket of local gym - Green icon on the map

Recommendation: Green icon hotels on the map sell a day pass of local gym at discounted price; $0-$30 per visit. You need to buy a ticket at the hotel reception in advance. Please note that only hotel guests can buy this day pass ticket as this is part of hotel service. In this category, my recommendation goes to Hotel Century Southern Tower. Hotel guests can get a free pass at the reception and use a full workout gym (Jexer Shinjuku) which is 5 minutes walk from the hotel. Being able to use a local gym for free is a very rare service in Tokyo. This hotel is also in convenient location, located next to the Shinjyuku Station South exit.

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Daiichi Hotel and Daiichi Hotel Annex are also not bad in this category. They have an associated fitness gym and hotel guests can use it $10-$16 per visit (price is different dependent on the time and day). Though it is not a big gym, it has many machines as well as free weights up to 20kg. You can also use a swimming pool and sauna. Daiichi Hotel is an old school style with full service (pricey) and Daiichi Hotel Annex is a simpler and cheaper business hotel. They are located side by side in front of the Shinbashi JR station which is 5 minutes train ride from the Tokyo station. Ginza shopping area is also 10 minutes walking distance.

<TIP>They sometimes sell “Gym packaged room”. When you book this package in advance, then you can use the gym for free during your stay.

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Akasaka area has lots of nice restaurants and bars. It is great area to enjoy night life. In this area, Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu is a good option. They have a fitness gym with 5 cardio machines and spacious stretch area (no weights). The hotel guests can use it for free. Also there is a local gym nearby called Sports Club NAS Akasaka and hotel guests can buy a day pass ticket of this gym at $15 per visit (ask at hotel reception).

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If you are thinking about watching a professional baseball game or fighting sports such as boxing or wrestling in Tokyo, then Tokyo Dome Hotel is a great option. This hotel is in the big entertainment complex of Tokyo Dome stadium. This hotel does not have a gym but hotel guests can use the fitness gym in this complex; LaQua fitness gym at $20 per visit (Day pass is available only for hotel guests). This is a large holiday hotel and good for family.

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Roppongi is a popular nigh life city with many pubs, bars and clubs, and very popular among young adults. There are not many fitness hotels here but Hotel Villa Fontaine Tokyo-Roppongi is a good option. This reasonable business hotel does not have a gym but hotel guests can use the gym in the same building called Esforta Roppongi at $25 per visit. It is available only for hotel guests and you need to get a coupon at hotel reception.

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If you are staying in the north area of Tokyo; Ikebukuro, Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Ikebukuro is good. It is very convenient as it is located next to the Ikebukuro train station which has multiple train lines including the express train from Narita airport, and shopping /restaurant area is within 5 min walking distance. Also This hotel has a limousine bus service to both Haneda and Narita Airports. Hotel guests can use the fitness gym in the same building called Jexer Ikebukuro at $15 per visit.  It is not a big gym but has decent facilities. You need to buy a ticket at the hotel reception.

Local gyms with Day Pass - Black icon on the map

Below gyms (black icons on the map) sell a day pass to travelers in Tokyo. There are a handful of public gyms in Tokyo. Though the facilities are not as good as private gyms, they are cheap around $5-$10 per visit. Private gym costs normally $25-$30 per visit.

Recommendation: All Gold’s Gyms in Japan are great in terms of facilities by Japanese standards and located nearby the train stations and it costs $25-$30 per visit. Among many Gold Gyms, Gold’s Gym Ginza Tokyo is our favorite because it is 24hrs open and has jacuzzi and hot sauna. A public gym; Minato City Sports Center would be great though it is not in convenient location and it costs only $8 per visit. Very spacious and great facilities. If you are a hardcore body builder, you may want to try Powerhouse Gym Hide Yamagishi Tokyo Japan or Hero Gym Mejiro. Both gyms are being operated by famous Japanese professional body builders with great facilities.

<TIP> Information about opening hours and its fees are in each icon on the map. All fees are calculated with US$1=100yen (e.g.$20 = 2000yen). All Gold’s Gyms accept the credit card but most of local gyms accept only cash in Japanese Yen. In Japan, one day use at gym is called “Visitor”. They do NOT use the term “Day pass” or “Casual”. As most of gym staff do not speak English, the easiest way to explain at the gym is to say “Visitor”. Most of local gyms require the ID check. So it is better to bring your passport with you.

Tokyo / Ginza area:

Akasaka / Azabu area

Shibuya / Shinjyuku area:

Ueno area:

Ikebukuro area:

Outside of Central Tokyo:

Hotels close to local gym with Day Pass - Purple icon on the map

Purple icon hotels on the map do not have fitness gym but they are within 10 minutes walking distance from one of the local gyms above. So you can choose a hotel depending on your budget. As most of low-mid budget hotels in Tokyo do not have a fitness gym, it is a good idea to select a hotel nearby a local gym which sells a day pass to travelers. It usually costs $20-$30 per visit but it is a full-workout gym and if you think it is part of your entertainment (Japanese fitness gym with no English), that would be fun ! For example, Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo is in Ginza area and has access to both Gold’s Gym Ginza Tokyo (24 hrs open) and Gold’s Gym Ginza Center in 10 minutes walk. Shibuya Tokyu REI Hotel is 5 minutes walk both from the Shibuya Station and Gold's Gym Shibuya

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