Fitness hotels and gyms in Tokyo

Tokyo is a very large city but when it comes to fitness facilities for low-mid budget travelers, the East and South sides might be convenient because it is closer to Narita / Haneda international airport. There are 100 hotels which have access to fitness facilities for low-mid budget travelers in total. They are either hotels with fitness facilities or hotels within 10 minutes walk to a fitness gym which sells a day pass to travelers. Firstly you can choose the area you are going to for your main purpose; sightseeing or business, and find a fitness facility (hotel gym or stand alone gym). Explanation of each color of icon on the map and my recommendations are as follows. Please note that upmarket hotels are excluded in this map as they all have fitness gyms. This guide is for low-mid budget travelers only.


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Hotels with fitness gym facilities - Red icon on the map

Recommendation: Most of the hotels in the low-mid budget range in Tokyo have only cardio machines in a small space. Among those, The Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Shiodome has relatively spacious gym area with some light weights (they still do not have heavy weights) and hotel guests can use them for free of charge. There is also a full-on workout gym within 10 min walk from this hotel. It is Gold Gym Hamamatsucho. It costs approx $30 per visit and you need your passport for ID check.

If you just want to enjoy training and take it easy for the rest of the day in the hotel, Hilton Tokyo Odaiba is a good choice. It is a bit far from the Tokyo city area (30 min train or taxi ride) but it is on the sea side and views are great. As it is far from the city area, the room rate is usually reasonable ($200-$300 per night). Hotel guests can use the gym for free. You can enjoy good training and relaxing day here.

Hotels with a fitness gym coupon - Green icon on the map

Recommendation: Hotel guests of green icon hotels on the map can use the fitness gym nearby at the cost of $0-$30 per visit. You need to buy a ticket at the hotel reception in advance. In this category, my recommendation goes to Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower. Hotel guests can get a free pass at the reception and use the full work-out fitness gym (Jexer Shinjuku) which is located 5 minutes walk from the hotel (very rare service in Tokyo).

Daiichi Hotel and Daiichi Hotel Annex are also not bad. They have an associated fitness gym and hotel guests can use it at the cost of $10-$15 per visit. They sometimes sell “Gym packaged room”. When you book this package, then you can use the gym for free during your stay. Though it is not a big gym but it has all basic equipment and some heavy weights. Daiichi Hotel is an old school style with full service (pricey) and Daiichi Hotel Annex is a simpler and cheaper business hotel. They are located side by side in front of Shinbashi JR station. It is 5 minutes train ride from the Tokyo station and relatively close to the Haneda airport.

If you are staying in Akasaka area, Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu is also good. They have a fitness gym room with 5 cardio machines and decent stretch area (no weights). The hotel guests can use it for free of charge. Also there is a full-on workout gym nearby called Sports Club NAS Akasaka. The hotel guests can use this gym at the cost of approx $15 (ask at hotel reception).

If you are staying in the north area of Tokyo; Ikebukuro, Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Ikebukuro is good. It is very convenient as it is located right next to the Ikebukuro train station which has multiple train lines including the express train from Narita airport, and shopping /restaurant area is within walking distance. Hotel guests at this hotel can use the fitness gym in the same building called Jexer Ikebukuro at approx $15 per visit.  It is not a big gym but has decent facilities.You need to buy a ticket at the hotel reception. Please note that only hotel guests can use this gym for one day use.

Fitness gyms which sell a Day Pass - Black icon on the map

Below gyms sell a day pass to visitors including travelers in Tokyo. You need to bring your passport for ID check and it costs $20-$30 per visit. All gyms are in convenient locations and there are many hotels within 10 minutes walk for travelers.

Recommendation: All Gold’s Gyms in Japan are great in terms of facilities by Japanese standards but my recommendation goes to the Gold’s Gym Ginza Tokyo because it is 24hrs open and has a jacuzzi and hot sauna. Minato City Sports Center would be great If you have enough time to get to the gym (20 minutes train ride from Tokyo station / Ginza area). It is a public gym and it costs only approx $8 per visit. Very spacious and great facilities. If you are a hardcore body builder, you may want to try Powerhouse Gym Hide Yamagishi Tokyo Japan.

<TIP> In Japan, one day use at gym is called “Visitor”. They do not use the term“Day pass” or “Casual”. As most of gym staff do not speak English, the easiest way to explain at the gym is to say “Visitor” while showing your ID (=Passport).

Hotels close to a gym which sell a Day Pass - Purple icon on the map

Purple icon hotels on the map do not have fitness facilities but they are within 10 minutes walking distance from one of the fitness gyms above. So you can choose a hotel depending on your budget. As most of low-mid budget hotels in Tokyo do not have fitness facilities, it is a good idea to select a hotel nearby a fitness gym which sells a day pass to travelers. It usually costs $20-$30 per visit but if you think it is part of your entertainment (Japanese fitness gym with no English), that would be fun !

<TIP> Please note that almost all fitness gyms in Japan do not like to see Tattoos. If you have one, please make sure to cover it during your workout.

If you have any questions about hotels and gyms mentioned here, please feel free to let me know !

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