Fitness hotels and gyms in Other Cities

If you are planning to go to other cities outside of major cities mentioned on this website, the best way is always to look for a hotel with fitness gym first because there are not many gyms in local cities which sell a day pass to travelers. Or you can find a gym from below map. This map is a list of fitness gyms which sell a day pass to travelers in Japan. 180+ fitness gyms are listed on this map including all Gold’s Gyms in Japan. It usually requires the passport for ID check and costs $20-$30 per visit. Once you find a gym you like, then you can find a hotel nearby. Each gym has a different opening days/hours and it changes every now and then. So please check their websites before you go.

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Gold’s Gym

Other than hotels with fitness facilities, Gold’s Gym can be useful because they operate throughout Japan and they always sell a Day Pass to travelers at approx $25-$30. You need to bring your passport for ID check. If you are a frequent traveler in Japan and use the Gold’s Gym often, you can ask any Gold’s Gym in Japan to create the Visitor Card. It does not cost any money and you can avoid showing your passport and filling in the form each time to visit. If you are a member of Gold’s Gym in your own country, you need to ask your local gym in advance if your membership allows you to use the Gold’s Gyms in other countries for free of charge. It depends on your local Gold’s Gym membership.

Golds Gym.jpg

Anytime Fitness


If you are a member of Anytime Fitness in your country, then you can use any Anytime Fitness in Japan with your membership card. No additional fees are required. There are about 500 Anytime Fitness Gyms in Japan. You can find their locations from here.

Anytime Fitness.jpg

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If you are not sure if there is any fitness hotels or gyms in your destination in Japan, just let us know. We will check it for you !

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