Fitness hotels and gyms in Yokohama

Yokohama is the 2nd biggest city in Japan. It is close to Tokyo and there are some unique places to visit for sightseeing. There are 4 local gyms which sell a day pass to travelers in the main city area and there are 5 hotels which have a gym room in the low-mid budget category. There are also a few hotels which do not have a gym but sell a discount ticket of local gym day pass. Explanation of each color of icon on the map and my recommendations are as follows.

Please note that upmarket hotels (over $300 per night) are excluded in this map as they all have fitness gyms. This blog is for low-mid budget travelers only. Almost all fitness gyms in Japan do not like to see Tattoo. If you have one, please make sure to cover it during your workout.


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Hotels with gym - Red icon on the map

Recommendation: InterContinental Yokohama Grand has a great fitness gym and hotel guests can use it for free. This hotel is a bit on the high side, but it is a good hotel with great view.

Check out the review of InterContinental Yokohama Grand

Hotels with discount gym ticket - Green icon on the map

Recommendation: Hotel guests of green icon hotels on the map can use a local gym nearby at discounted price. You need to buy a ticket at the hotel reception in advance. It costs $30 per visit. My recommendation in this category is New Ohtani Inn Yokohama Premium. It is close to many tourist spots within walking distance. The gym you can use is called MM Begin and has a great view of Yokohama city.

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Local gyms with Day Pass - Black icon on the map

Below gyms (black icon on the map) sell a day pass to travelers. You need to bring your passport for ID check.

<TIP> Information about opening hours and its fees are in each icon on the map. All fees are calculated with US$1=100yen (e.g.$20 = 2000yen). All Gold’s Gyms accept the credit card but most of local gyms accept only cash in Japanese Yen. In Japan, one day use at gym is called “Visitor”. They do NOT use the term “Day pass” or “Casual”. As most of gym staff do not speak English, the easiest way to explain at the gym is to say “Visitor”. Most of local gyms require the ID check. So it is better to bring your passport with you.

Hotels close to local gym with Day Pass - Purple icon on the map

Purple icon hotels on the map do not have fitness gym but they are within 10 minutes walk to a local gym above. You can choose a hotel depending on your budget.Daiwa Roynet Hotel Yokohama-Koen is a good option as it is close to a local gym; FamilyMart Fit&Go , Yokohama Park (and baseball stadium) ,Yamashita park and China town.

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